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Implementation Roadmap

Here at B/Agile we do an extensive evaluation of our partners’ current state, whether they are entering into the Agile world for the first time, or have already taken steps to adopt an Agile Methodology.

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Our philosophy is to 'Meet you where you are and take the rest of the journey together’.


Our consultants have years of ERP experience, so we treat the implementation of Agile much like we would an ERP solution. By providing oversight, training and augmenting your staff when necessary, we help drive you to a successful implementation.


At the end of our initial assessment, we present our Partner with:


  • A roadmap that describes the strategy we propose to move forward to an Agile Development Methodology, as well as the incremental steps to complete the implementation.

  • A resource plan to assist with allocating current staff to their new roles.

  • A training plan for the teams, team members, and PMO concerning the new dynamics of their Agile roles and responsibilities.

Executive Coaching

Coaching Executives to understand their role in the adaptation to an agile methodology is key to a successful implementation.

We coach executives by giving them the aptitude to identify the stakeholders, management leaders, and change agents needed for delivering the right message of change.

We understand that change is difficult, and by embracing a clearly defined vision with a sense of urgency, and adding an intentional approach of inclusiveness, change can be seen as an exciting new adventure.


Training individuals to understand their new roles and responsibilities, as well as how their interaction with their teams will be different is paramount.


We use certified consultants to provide individual training for key roles associated with agile development. We also provide training to Agile Teams and Agile PMOs to ensure everyone has a well-defined understanding of how they add to the success of an Agile Development Methodology.

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